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Tuesday, 16 October 2007 00:00

As the third child, Fifi is often confined to her doorway jumper, her exersaucer, and her activity walker.

I had a play date some weeks ago and a boy Fifi's age was sitting up. Oh, wow. He can sit up? What a strong boy. But what I was actually thinking was ... Oh, man. Opps. Need to work with her on these milestone developments.

Fast forward two months.... Fifi can sit all by herself she is a strong girl. This weekend, we had great friends visit us from AZ with their set of adorable and identical twin boys. Oh, wow. They can stand up when supported? What strong boys. But, what I was actually thinking ... Oh, man. Opps. Need to get her our of the jumper and saucer.

The problem we have now, is that we have confined her so much, that I think the damage is irreversible. She is nearly 8 months old and when her feet meet the ground she BOUNCES and bounces and bounces. I am picturing a beautiful three year old girl BOUNCING through the doors of her preschool. We have a problem.


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