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Monday, 09 February 2009 19:00
I am kinda of alone.

The husband is at work, Jay at school, Lola at an afternoon play date, the baby is asleep, and there are two men upstairs in my master bathroom ripping out the wall, ceiling, and tile surrounding the two person jacuzzi tub. I can hear the hum of the massive humidifier in what's left of my computer room. I can also hear the one working downstairs which is standing on bare concrete since the same men late last night pulled the carpet away. And I can hear the hammering away of my chair molding on the walls of my beloved master bathroom retreat. The place where I took this picture.

But that isn't the point of this post.

The point is that I am kinda of alone. This is my time. It is the equivalent of a working person's lunch break where for one hour they can eat, relax, and catch up on personal emails. I could be doing a multiple of things during my alone time. Catching up on Oprah, running on my treadmill, actually sitting down to enjoy lunch, or cleaning. I could be cleaning. I should be packing for our vacation being that we are leaving for Mexico in 60 hours or so.

However, when I do find myself alone, I usually end up at the computer. It's happened before. It is during *this* time that I sit down to pop out a sloppy rough draft of a blog post. I write until I hear the most magical words echoing through the baby monitor, that without fail make me smile everyday.

"Knock. Knock." aka "Come knock-knock on my door, I 'm awake."

I know that the baby is awake and my time is over. I save my draft and go back to it after all three kids have been bathed and kissed good-night. My best friend emailed me sometime ago and asked me, "How do you do it? How do you find the time to write a blog?" I don't know if I have ever answered that question. I usually giggle and say "Oh, I find the time."

I have never written a post with children present. For starters, it's just too chaotic and I can not think. Moreso, I rather not have the computer on when I could be with them. However. Today. My girlfriend came over and said something that made me think twice. In so many words she explained that it's a good thing for our children to see us writing. It is our hobby. Writing is a good thing. "Studies show that children who see their parents read. Read." She explained. "It's a hobby and a great one at that."

Growing up I remember my half dressed mother on the kitchen floor scrubbing and cleaning. All. The. Time. It must have been her hobby because that's the first thing I imagine when I close my eyes and think of her. We lived in a pretty clean house.

"Knock. Knock."

My time is over for now. But the next time I get an urge to jot down some ideas I might hold my children in my lap, read them some of my words, and show them my hobby. I am not a writer but writing on this blog chronicling our lives is my hobby. And I'm proud of it. I want them to remember me as having respectable hobbies that I enjoyed which in return made me a happy person.

"Knock. Knock. Mama."

"KNOCK. KNOCK. Maaaama!"


# phoebe 2009-10-08 21:52
just wanted to point out that an hour lunch break where one can relax, email, and catch up sounds like a dream come true to this working person....

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