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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 21:29

Half way into my morning commute to work I realized that I sent my kindergartner to school without proper snow boots. Normally not a big deal; but, we were expecting a huge snow storm in Chicago and nearly ninety-five percent of our student body walks home. Kids need boots. Sure enough by the time I parked my car, on the other side of the city, it started to snow quite hard. It snowed throughout the entire day and my afternoon commute home was horrible-terrible-no-good twice as long.


I arrived in our alleyway just two minutes before pick-up, a couple blocks away, and had several options.

1. Run into the house, unlock the door, pray I found matching boots and run to school.

2. Walk to school and carry Feenie on my back all the way home.

3. Walk to school and have Feenie walk back home ruining her shoes.

4. Pretend I forgot about school pick-up and catch up on Dance Moms.

5. Take the sled in my trunk (from last weekend), use a satin bow from a birthday gift and tow her home.


Obviously number five would make me The Coolest Mom Ever so as I jogged through six inches of snow in my boots the four blocks to school, I used my girl scout knot knowledge and successfully tied the satin bow to the sled. Feenie's eyes lit up when she saw me at the school pick-up line, only four minutes late, with a sled in hand. Her teachers giggled when they saw her excitement. She broke an Olympic long jump record and leapt in the sled, on our journey home.




"LET'S GO!!!"


Huffing and puffing one block later, her big brother found us on our commute home and took over.




Through intersections they went.




All the way home.



You guys? As I was snapping away for future photobooks documenting a fun winter commute home, I over-heard their personal conversation.


"See those two birds flying in the sky?"

"I see them!"

"They are just like you and me."


"One leading the other."

"Just like you and me, right now."

"Yes. Just like you and me!"


And I easily let go of my heroic measures to become The Coolest Mom Ever because this officially was the best winter commute home! I could not ask for anything more. Nothing.


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# Elaine A. 2013-02-26 23:33
Oh my gosh, SO cute! Hope you gave him some hot chocolate (or another treat) for being such an awesome big bro! :)
# amy 2013-02-27 05:58
Very cute and love how Jay is the Big Brother. Very cool mama and smart. XOXO
# Stephanie Precourt 2013-02-27 08:55
Oh gosh, how precious! Also, SNOW!

# Tiffany 2013-02-27 08:56
Aww that is so sweet! But dang, I wouldn't know what to do if we had that much snow (I live in S. Texas). Do they have to wear those heavy boots all day?
# renatamic 2013-02-27 16:59
you are so cool!! SO cool! In my next life I want to be six and pulled by my brother on a sled home from school...all.the.time.
# Lisa 2013-02-27 17:58
That is so sweet! What a great idea.

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