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Friday, 21 August 2009 22:18

Posts of mine, that tickle me pink...



Posts that make me smile:

Which child was raised by a mother from Eastern Europe?

Fridays with Feenie

Coining the term "Tiger Grandfather"

This is how we do summer in the Cleveland burbs

The Very Bored Preschooler

I triple dog dare you not to smile

The day my heart exploded

I hope you never forget

Corn on the cob is soooooo yesterday

Apparently "time out"is no longer PC

Chronicling child labor

Crickets are carnivores (and other things you wish you didn't know)

A letter to my son.

Every morning I say *this* is my last post ever.

Looking into my daughter's eyes

Watching my mother cry memories

Those who wish to sing, always find a song

This is just for me to remember

Easier vlogged than blogged

Portrait of a toddler

The. Best day. Ever.

A Tale of Two Sisters



Posts that prove I'm not always classy:

Losing my child at Disney & locking her up in the basement

My sincere anthology of apologies

Good God, I couldn't make these things up.

I won the "Worst-Mom-Of-The-Year" award. Again.

I can't make this stuff up  #worstmotheroftheyear

PSA:  Chardonnay doesn't belong in sippy cups

GAH.  I tried to make new friends

Next time.  I'll just hire a sitter

Mother of a goose egg

The proper way to tell your mother to hush

The Country Club for New Moms

Tomorrow, I'm taking them to the museum

Mmmmmm.... Chaos



Posts on travel:

Monday in Munich, Germany

Tuesday at the Taj Mahal

Children street vendors in India

Children in a Delhi slum

When in India, find Amit

Funding America's treasures

Walt Disney World: Social Media Moms Celebration 2011

Castaway Bay Water Park

EXTREME Costa Rica

She got crabs in Costa Rica

The corruption of Manuel Antonio

Greetings from poor WiFi

Holiday travels? There's an app for that.

Tourist in your own city: Cleveland's West Side Market

10 Rocky Lane

A "real" princess in a real castle

Problem solving my way into a penthouse

The best picture of the Eiffel tower

The beginning:  A 1974 Yellow Opel

Lost in Translation

Marta the Mexican Orphan

Yesterday I cried, today I smile

The White House

Beach Sand for Dinner

Great Expectations in Ohio




Posts on immigration:

Part 1: The Story of Me

Part 2

Part 3

Great Americka

10 Rocky Lane

It's all great until CPS calls my house

Coming to America

Perhaps it's normal

On Motherhood, as an immigrant

We say Wesolych Swiat

Finding my place in the world, as an immigrant.

Posts on Polish cooking:

Making Polisn cuisine posh one post at a time: Cabbage Meatballs

Making Polish cuisine posh one post at a time: Half Sour Pickles

Making Polish cuisine posh one post at a time: PIEROGI

Making Polish cuisine posh one post at a time: PICKLE SOUP

Making Polish cuisine posh, one blog post at a time: BIGOS



Posts on home decorating:

This is the house that love built

A tour of my semi-remodeled home

Now (kind of) opened for playdates

This home remodel post is rated PG 13

Kitchen:  It only took 6 months



Posts about my book "Wigilia":

Now I can add "As Seen On CBS News" on my resume.

You guys? I can't believe this is my life

25 years later - history repeats itself

You guys? It's really happening!

Pinch me, please

My goal is to make them proud



And..... heh. TV appearances:

Now I can add "As Seen On CBS" to my resume

What you won't see on the evening news

I was on TV this morning

Flipping Frogs, I was on TV again



Also... my favorite videos:

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