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651 What happens in OH, stays in OH. OHmommy
652 This morning during breakfast I thought of bikinis... OHmommy
653 Tis the season to be classy! OHmommy
654 Gingerbread buzz OHmommy
655 Never in a million years... Administrator
656 "Ghost of the Future, I fear you more than any spectre I have seen." OHmommy
657 Want this. Want this one. OHmommy
658 Christmas OHmommy
659 Mother of a goose egg OHmommy
660 Thankful for speed bumps OHmommy
661 How to dress a 3rd child, for the snow. OHmommy
662 Investing in YOU OHmommy
663 Vanity Fair OHmommy
664 O's Favorite Things 2008 OHmommy
665 In Real Life OHmommy
666 Barbie meets Ben 10 OHmommy
667 Missed Connections OHmommy
668 This is our thing OHmommy
669 The proper way to tell your mother hush OHmommy
670 One volume OHmommy
671 Quack you my middle child! OHmommy
672 You won't find me in the diaper aisle anymore... OHmommy
673 In the end, they all got candy. OHmommy
674 Seriously. What's so special about being blonde? OHmommy
675 Life's Too Short: Stilettos in Dinning Rooms. OHmommy
676 The Kool-Aid House OHmommy
677 A Lesson in Class from Hired Help OHmommy
678 You can change a baby's name but you can't change their hair color. OHmommy
679 St. Whipped Husband OHmommy
680 Shamelessly Burning Calories in High Heel Crocs. OHmommy
681 Caboose Monkey OHmommy
682 The end of an era OHmommy
683 Much to do about nothing OHmommy
684 The Politics of Potty Training OHmommy
685 Solving the world's problems one toddler at a time OHmommy
686 Cooking in leotards with Lola OHmommy
687 A bilingual toddler OHmommy
688 Parenting revelations aren't on sale. OHmommy
689 To my daughter, on her 18 month birthday, 32 days laters.... OHmommy
690 I used to blame IT on my children... OHmommy
691 Missing Parenting Memo #46 OHmommy
692 The Country Club for New Moms OHmommy
693 Problem solving my way into a penthouse. OHmommy
694 Finding my place in the world, as an immigrant OHmommy
695 The post I wasn't going to post. OHmommy
696 A "real" princess in a real castle OHmommy
697 10 Rocky Lane OHmommy
698 Day 1: The best picture of the Eiffel tower EVER! OHmommy
699 Planes, Trains, and Automobiles OHmommy
700 The Old Lady at the Disco. OHmommy
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Pauline Karwowski.

Is a self proclaimed globe trotting, minivan driving, SAHM stiletto ho.

Happily married mother to 3 Cleveland natives: Jay the son, Lola the daughter, and Fifi the banshee.

Now in Chicago, IL.

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